Tendon Mechanics and Biology

In tendon, mechanical demands at the tissue level follow a complex path to the cell, via a sometimes complexly organized Type-I collagen matrix. Our work focuses on elucidating this path, and how the path may be “lost” with disease and ageing.

Multiscale structure and function: Tendon disease and healing involve phenomena acting across size scales. We focus on how tendon cells sense and interpret mechanical forces, and downstream of these signals, remodel the extracellular matrix structure and function.

  • Tissue, Cell, Matrix: Top-down and back again.

  • Rotator cuff tear: investigating the role of cell-matrix interaction.

Our core expertise: Analysis of tissue, cell, and matrix response to mechanical forces. We employ imaging modalities suitable for patient level assessments (endoscopy, MRI), as well as for bench-top experiments examining reactions at the cell-matrix level (2D and 3D microscopy. Key aspects of our work focus on the collagen network, down to the level of individual collagen fibrils. In particular, we are interested how age-related changes in the collagen matrix affect cell, and uiltimately tissue level behavior.